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Need To Capture The Action At Your Sporting Event?

Sports Photography in Auckland or Japan or your local town. Rob Stone Photography loves sports. I was lucky enough to be the official photographer for Team GB at the 2019 All Japan Renshinkan Karate tournament in Fukuoka in the south of Japan. It was a real privilege to be able to access all areas during their tour.

Are you looking for energetic sports photography where every action shot counts? Sports photography in Auckland or your local town is what Rob Stone Photography can help you with. My karate clients are delighted with my work and so will you be.

In Japan, the tournament day was the culmination of 4-years training for the team – all I had to do was to do the team performance justice. No pressure then with no opportunities for re-takes. Thankfully the head of the British team was delighted with the results and they are now a prominent part of the Facebook marketing campaigns.

Since moving to Auckland, I have joined a local Seido karate dojo to learn a new style of karate and to make new friends. The news that I took karate photographs was warmly welcomed. Whenever my schedule allows, you can find me at belt gradings and community events with my camera in hand.

New Zealand is famous for its love of rugby of all varieties. I have been actively involved in Touch Rugby tournaments. It is a real end-to-end game that only lasts 30 minutes. You have to be fit to keep up with the action. Luckily I let the action come to me with my long lens.

If you need to capture the action at a sporting event you are organising and have a vision for the action shots you are looking for then I am sure that I can capture it for you.

Rob Stone Photography offers solutions to your business and commercial, lifestyle, travel and sporting photographic needs.


At a black belt (sho dan) promotion event I will typically take over 2,000 photographs in the 4 hour session for the candidate. It takes over 2.5 hours to just review these images, if I give each one just 5 seconds, and this is before any further reviews take place to get to the 5-star shots. Add in the post production editing in Lightroom, noise reduction since a dojo is a low light, high-ISO/fast shutter speed environment and posting the best images to social media makes this a very labour intensive day for me, but I love it. 

Producing a photobook of the event is a new option for me. I have lots of great photos that capture the atmosphere and the spirit and commitment required to become a black belt at karate but they rarely get to see the light of day. A photobook is a glimpse into what would have previously been found on the ‘cutting room floor’. 

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These images of the All Japan Championship from 2019 are some of my favourite sports photographs. I am either loved by my client or a sucker for punishment since I have already signed up to join the 2023 squad in Japan to capture that ‘single grain of sand’ moment in their lives that means so much to them on their karate journey and their journey through life (the sandy beach!).



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This website is about more than promoting Rob Stone Photography. We can’t thrive as a business without other partners, companies and organisations doing well too. I want to be able to point you in the right direction for other goods and services that we are not able to excel at. 

Active participation in sports and leisure activities is vital to our well-being and life choices. The world of sports is a very steep pyramid where only the best get to the top. The good news for us is that this pyramid has a very wide base. Millions and millions of people do sports for fun and get an immense amount of joy from it.

In my spare time in Auckland, I do hot yoga and pilates in a room at 38 degrees C. My flexibility has improved tremendously. This, in turn, has improved my golf. I am still a high handicapper but that means I have a chance to beat the best on the same course. Magic. Why not join your local golf club

Sports Photography in Auckland

I will leave Touch Rugby to the younger members of my New Zealand family in Christchurch. Josh has represented New Zealand at Under 18 and we are all very proud of that achievement. Touch Canterbury put a lot of effort into the region and it covers a wide age range with boys, girls, and mixed teams.

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