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Your New Corporate Image with the Photography it Deserves

We offer amazing business and commercial photography in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch or your home town. Most businesses in New Zealand would benefit from a fresh new look in the post-COVID-19 world. It could be a strong marketing drive to attract new customers via your website or social media, or it could be new office pictures to replace those tired ones on the wall today. Photographs that resonate with your target customers are the answer.

If you are looking for awesome business and commercial photography in Auckland or your home town then Rob Stone Photography will provide you with unique images that are taken specifically to meet your creative brief. Previous clients have found it cost-effective to pick from a portfolio of images that were taken for that one project. These images are designed to set your business apart from your competition.

This photograph was taken of Burke Street Wharf in Thames, just off State Highway 25, as you head towards the Coromandel. My client was looking for images for their new clinic opening in the town that would complement their strong brand in New Zealand.

In the end, they used a small section of this panoramic image as their headline image for the clinic window by printing it on one-way vision film, where 40% of the image is perforations and from inside the clinic, the window is transparent. Amazing!

By working with me on a one-to-one basis, I was able to produce a portfolio of Thames and Coromandel images that were grounded in the local community and would immediately put their clients at ease once inside the clinic. In meeting the creative brief, I was confident that the images had that wow factor.

Business headshots are an important part of professional and social media life these days. They must project the client in the right light on their website or speaking engagement literature. Working together we can get creative with the poses and those all-important outfits.

Many years ago I was the model consultant in the Annual Report for the quoted company I worked for in London. Having read many such documents, I am convinced that there is a more dynamic way to represent your company with shareholders and potential customers. If you want to break the mould of dry corporate literature, let’s work together to shake things up a bit.

Rob Stone Photography offers solutions to your business and commercial, lifestyle, travel and sporting photographic needs.

Rob manages to capture a true sense of regional identity and community with his photographs for our newly opened clinics in Thames and Stonefields. We have used his photography for the street facing clinic frontage which is a large image on the glass, the reception area and the consulting rooms. I would happily recommend Rob Stone Photography to you and your company.
James Whittaker
James Whittaker
Managing Director, Triton Hearing Limited




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This website is about more than promoting Rob Stone Photography. We can’t thrive as a business without other partners, companies and organisations doing well too. I want to be able to point you in the right direction for other goods and services that we are not able to excel at. 

As a business, you need to gear your operations and business processes to make your client’s life as simple as possible. From your own experiences, what makes you frustrated with the businesses you deal with. How often do you leave a Voicemail and nobody calls you back? When you make an insurance claim, you have to give the same information to each department you deal with. You are left in a telephone waiting queue with no idea how many people are ahead of you. There are easy answers to all these common problems, but the company you are dealing with chooses to make its client’s lives difficult.  Why? Rob Stone Photography is a very small business whose mission is to be the best at customer service

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Your local chamber of commerce is a good place to start to find out more about business interests in your area. Building a network of business partners locally will help you get through difficult situations with ease. As a professional photographer, I dread the day coming when I have an important shoot on the day that I fall sick. We all hate letting clients down so why not manage that risk by having a list of your local photographers (yes, your competition) who may be able to step in and help. Your client will think that your business is well run and your competitor may well return the favour one day.  A win-win in my book.

This photograph was taken from the top of Paritutu (a steep rock face on the outskirts of New Plymouth). No need for a drone.

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