Lifestyle and Family Photography in Aotearoa, New Zealand

Lifestyle and Family Photography

Family Photography with Joy and Laughter

Lifestyle photography in Auckland. What is lifestyle photography? It ranges from family portrait shots, through newborn (upto 48 hours old) baby images to pre-wedding shoots and the wedding itself. I will plan it all out with you so that we capture all the little details that makes your family special.

Rob Stone Photography offers you lifestyle and family photography customized to suit your specific requirements. Enjoy our lifestyle photography in Auckland and beyond. You are most comfortable in your own home or at your local beauty spot. If you are comfortable, you are relaxed and if you are relaxed you will look fabulous in the photographs.

This photograph is a celebration of three brothers meeting back at the family home in Christchurch. One lives in Canada, one in Dunedin and one is seeking his independence. They were initially reluctant to pose together but quickly got into the mood with their teenage banter.

You work hard in your chosen field, and you feel satisfaction from a job well done and gain a sense of achievement. You and your family choose the lifestyle that makes you all happy. Happiness is not about getting all you want, it is about enjoying all you have.

Living in Auckland in New Zealand, we have travelled the world on client projects. From the United Kingdom to Japan and from Auckland to Ashburton via Thames – clients want the reassurance of a job well done. It is therefore so pleasing for me that the clients who I have approached for reference quotes have been so generous in their praise.

I get a true sense of achievement from hearing that my photographs capture “true spirit and joy“, that my photographs “define the event in people’s minds” and they want to recommend me to others they haven’t even met. Thank-you all.

I want to give my clients the photographs they will cherish forever. Life is for living with joyful laughter in your photographs.



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This website is about more than promoting Rob Stone Photography. We can’t thrive as a business without other partners, companies and organisations doing well too. I want to be able to point you in the right direction for other goods and services that we are not able to excel at. 

When it comes to wedding photography and portrait photography, the object that you will treasure the most is the album with your photographs in it. It becomes part of your family history, an heirloom to pass on to future generations. Just holding it in your hands will give you pleasure. This is the reason why you should always choose a high quality album from a specialist producer.

At Queensberry, they believe in beautiful photography, beautifully presented. If you research many photographers websites, this is a quality brand you should trust.  It is a family owned business, with the third generation of the family working there now. They have impressed me during the COVID-19 lockdown by reaching out to photographers to offer them help. Business is all about relationships. People buy from people. 

Lifestyle Photography Auckland

Location selection is a key part of the mix to make a photo shoot successful. In Auckland, places like Cornwall Park are ideal since there are lots of mature trees and open spaces to avoid the crowds. Just outside Thames on SH25 towards the Coromandel there are lots of beaches for a quiet stroll or action shots in the waves.  In Christchurch you have Hagley Park for your beautiful backdrop or journey to the top of the cable car at Heathcote Valley and ascend Mount Cavendish.

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